It’s been a couple of months

So much has happened in my life in the last couple of months and for whatwever reason I didn’t feel like blogging about everything.  The biggest and most important thing is I started a new job on June 7, 2010.  I am the office manager and bookkeeper for an orthotics manufacturing place.  Great group of people.  In fact, they just won an award as one of the top 50 businesses to watch for Denver.  So, yes, they are very up and coming. 

June 12, 2010 three of my friends and I went up to Estes Park for Wool Market.  The weather was horrible and the temperature was in the low 50’s (fahrenheit) with rain.  Luckily the vendors were inside a sale barn at a fairground so we weren’t out in the weather the entire time.  Picked up some yarn for two different projects.  I went prepared with projects and yardage in mind so I didn’t just buy yarn here and there.

June 19, 2010 was the monthly Pajama Jam at one of our local yarn shops, LambShoppe.  I took some fruit and homemade fruit dip that went over well.  There was some gf cake I could eat and some yummy homemade salsa as well.  Oh yeah, and besides the eating we knit a little bit.  😉  lol

June 22, 2010 was Jinger’s Birthday Potluck party.  I improvised on the fruit dip making it again and adding vanilla yogurt to it and made it into a fruit salad.  Sue brought her scrumptious deviled eggs (these are the best deviled eggs because she uses a special mustart for them) and some other of Jinger’s friends came with lots of more food.  And Jinger brought out this huge bowl of gazpucho!  Oh it was soooo good!  (I had two bowls.)  Jinger also made these cranberry almondy bars that were gf.  Scrumptous!

On the needles: 

  • the back of a ruana vest for a sample for Black Water Abbey Yarns
  • Chestnut Street Wrap – I got the yarn for at Estes Park Wool Market
  • Baby blanket I need to finish for my new grandson
  • crocheting a baby blanket for Pine Ridge Reservation using up acrylic yarns; I needed to shift gears for a little while and that’s why I am crocheting
  • a pair of boot socks for the elders of Pine Ridge Reservation for a sock drive we are doing that comes do in October.
  • various other projects

I think things are going well with my daughter-in-law’s pregnancy.  Due date is still July 25th.  I am thinking of flying to Kansas the evening of Thursday, July 29th and spending the weekend and coming back evening of Sunday, August 1st.  I could drive it but driving 500 miles by myself is taking a toll on me.    I may put this off a whole week as well so they are more settled in with the baby.  I don’t want to be in the way. 

My dad reminded me that when they come home from the hospital they can skype me as well.  They have a video camera and I do too.

Well, I should get dressed and start my day.  It is Saturday after all!


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