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Sock Madness IV Round #2

Sock Madness IV Round #2

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Finished! I like these. Because of the nature of fairisle and “floating” yarn behind they are thicker and will be warm during the winter.



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not much is new . . .

Not much is new to report.  The week went by and before you know it, it was already the weekend.  We received about 8-10″ of snow on Friday alone but the temp was back up in the 50’s already yesterday.  Today they are predicting a high of 67*F and then a rain/snow mix tomorrow and snow into Wednesday.  It’s springtime in the Rockies.

Sue & Chaz, Tam & Nick, and I went to a Home & something-or-other Show yesterday.  It was fun.  Sue & Chaz own their own house whereas I live in an apartment (so do Tam & Nick).  So you go along looking at roofing, siding, windows, gutters, heating, cooling, etc, and then there would be something interesting.  lol  And there was a small food area.  There was a lot of taste testing I missed out on because they used bread cubes (for the vinegerattes) and pretzels (for the dips, mustards, etc.).  One dip place had little plastic spoons for me to use.  Had I had any money I would have bought some of their stuff because they went the extra step for me.

Taiko Drumming

Taiko Drumming

We finished up just in time to see the second performance of the Denver Taiko.  Taiko is a type of Japanese drumming that involves dancing somewhat by the dancers but is very coordinated by the dancers.  It was pretty cool!


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in the meantime. . .

Charly's baby's hat

I am working on a baby hat from a favorite pattern.  Here is one I have done in the past.  This is called the Lily Hat .  It’s this great little hat done in two different sock yarns.  It is reversible.  I think it is so clever and although the sock yarn is light weight, it is double thickness, and sock yarn is wool (I use superwash).  So I am working on another one while we are waiting for Round #1 of Sock Madness to end and Round #2 to begin.

This Friday, son & daughter-in-law go for another sonogram and hopefully we will know if I need to be using pink yarn or blue for knitting wonderful little things for my first grandbaby.

Baby due July 25, 2010.

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Round #1 done

Did the very last bit of bind off my socks this morning for Round #1 of Sock Madness.  Details:

  • pattern was released 7:30 am MST Wednesday morning, March 10, 2010
  • Cast on within 30 minutes of receiving the pattern after having to readjust my needles yet again to get gauge in flat knitting
  • went grgocery shopping for a good hour or so
  • knit, knit , knit
  • Thursday morning, knit a little
  • went to water fitness and the library
  • knit some more all day
  • went to bed at normal time both nights
  • finished the socks this morning, 48 hours after I started

I did not “rush” through these but apparently I knit fast.  I was in the top 10 to finish Round #1 and the first American (I think). 

Side to Side Socks

Side to Side Socks Round #1 Sock Madness IV

The funny thing about these socks?  Besides the yarn?  They are way to big for me.   Can you see al the wrinkles in the socks?  We have to knit to pattern and to gauge.  They have to fit an average women’s size foot – 9″.  Well, my feet are little.  So now I have to find somebody that can live with the colors and has a bigger shoe size than me.

To celebrate my completion of Round #1 I made a brownie recipe I have been wanting to try:  Black Bean Brownies .  This is a flourless brownie thus it is gluten-free.  The black beans act as the flour.  So I had bought the beans and the cocoa powder and had all the other ingredients and set out to make this.  As I was opening the cocoa powder it blew up all over the place!  Granted, yes, I should have known better and paid attention to the bulging safety seal but nope, I just ripped it open.  It even made the “whoosh” sound when it went flying everywhere.  It was hilarious!  FYI:  For those that don’t know, higher altitudes cause packages to be under pressure.  So after getting the borwnies in the oven, I then spent another 30 minutes cleaning up my kitchen.

The brownies were good!


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Madness, Sock Madness

It’s a mad, mad world and now Sock Madness IV is about to begin.  What is Sock Madness?

Sock Madness is an international sock knitting competition based loosely on the basketball competition known as March Madness. There are 7 rounds of patterns. The first pattern is reasonably straightforward and as the rounds progress the socks become increasingly more complex in design.

This is the 4th year of Sock Madness, I have participated since the beginning.  I sat out last year due to illness but I am back at it and ready to play this year.  Registration has been closed and specs for Round #1 were sent out last Wednesday.  I have decided on my yarn, swatched and finally got gauge in the round with 2.25 mm needles.  Now I sit and wait.  We are all sitting and waiting.  Hopefully later tomorrow or Wednesday the pattern will be released.

PS.  Round #1 it was suggested to use your “wild” yarn.  It has come to my attention that I do not buy “wild” sock yarn so while I was at a yarn swap yesterday morning, I swapped for some semi-wild self-striping, faux fair isle sock yarn.

I will be using:  Walk Away by Yarn Bee for Hobby Lobby, 2.25 mm Addi-Turbo kntting needles.  8 sts to an inch.

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