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LambOlympics success!

After fighting and fighting with the Falbala pattern I conceded that it had beat me and that I am NOT a crocheter.  I set it aside to try to figure out what to do then.

sewn bind off

Rebecca was in town on Tuesday and I took her, and my laptop, and the Falbala that I was not going to finish to LambShoppe.  I wanted to double check with the “powers that be” that it would be ok to switch projects, and it was.  So I ripped out my Falbala and started on something else.  Ripped that out and then by that evening was trying Clothilde  (a shawl pattern).  Hey!  This was looking good!  This was my new LambOlympics project!

Finished Clothilde pre-blocking

I need to block it but here is a picture of it done as of about 11:00 am MST this morning.  So I took it with me to LambShoppe for SnB and so they could verify I finished it and enter me into the gift certificate drawing.

Today I started on Colonnade.  Another shawl pattern, this one from  It is in worsted weight yarn and I am knitting it on an US 11 because I knit so tight but I am hitting gauge and that is all that matters.  I am already about 40-50% done with it!  This will be a super fast knit.

Post Script:  Rebecca and I had a wonderful time on Tuesday and I was so glad I got to see her.  She took me for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe down on the 16th Streeet Mall.  I have never eaten there but it wass very good and they were very accomodating to make mine gluten-free.  🙂



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Well, I have been sick.

I just realized it has been a week and a half since I last posted. I last posted on Feb 9 and started getting sick on Feb 11. And let me tell you, I have been sick. Not the throw-up kind of sick. Not even coughing-up-a-lung sick. What I was blessed with was an URI (upper respiratory infection). And this has drug on and on forever, or at least it seems. I did go to the doctor last Tuesday when I was only about 5 days into the 10-14 day period. On day 5 I thought it was bad…well it got worse before it got better. And I did not get any antibiotics unless I was not any better today. I was feeling better. I have been doing averything possible to get through this. And finally I think I turned on Sunday and today was much better.

During this time you would think I would get all sorts of knitting and/or crocheting on Falbala done. NO! I did not even feel like doing that. All I did was lay in bed and sleep and read.

But tonight I finished the Harmonia’s Rings Cowl that I started on Feb 14. So I did chalk that one up to a Ravelympics project. YEAH! I got one done.

I have not enjoyed owrking on the Falbala. I think it is because I am getting down to a time thing. I don’t think I am going to rip it out yet. Maybe after it is all over I will finish it but slowly. I am not enjoying working on it. I am just not a crocheter.

I am thinking of working on some colorwork mittens. Next week, I will pick up the yarn for a test knit of a shawl/capelet. I look forward to that.


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I did it. I took the plunge and commited myself to LambOlympics. What is LambOlympics? LambOlympics and Ravelympics is a challenge of yourself during the Olympics. This is a crochet, knitting, or even weaving challenge. LambOlympics is through LambShoppe and Ravelympics is through So I came up with a project that will be a challenge for me. Something that I can say I have never done before. I am going to crochet a shawl: Falbala.  Yep.  This is going to be a challenge.  We cast on, or get started, during opening ceremonies on Feb. 12, 2010 and must be done with the project by or on Feb 28.

LambOlympics is adding a little extra incentive.  You buy your yarn from them and when you finish during the time frame, the will reimburse you 20% of the cost of the yarn for the project.  Annndddd they enter your name in a drawing for a gift certificate for their yarn shop.  How cool is that?!

I wasn’t going to participate in Ravelympics because it seemed too confusing.  maybe it is because it is so simple that is why it is confusing.  But when Mary Carol of LambShoppe explained the theory to me, the light bulb went on.  So I started trying to find something that would be a challenge.

It also became very important to me that I do something to support LambShoppe.  My knitter friends and I go and sit at their tables every Saturday, rain or shine, and they accommodate us regardless if we spend $100 or $0.00 (which is usually the case).  We come and hang out for 3 hours.  We are loud and, at times, obnoxious and opinionated.  And they smile and invite us back.  I can’t keep a yarn shop open all by myself, especially on my income, but I can let them know I support their efforts and thank them.  So LambOlympics was a great way for me to show my support by purchasing the yarn fro them and participating in LambOlympics.

By trying to articulate my feelings about supporting LambShoppe, I have managed to come across as rude and brash to my closests friends.  Sometimes, when I am very passionate about something, I do not do a good job of explaining myself.  Instead, I come across as sounding like a b*tch.  To those of my friends taking the time to read this, I am sorry.  That was not my intention.  I would like to continue to share my knitting, and crocheting, experiences and daily life with you.

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plugging along with Everest

If you have not seen the show Everest: Beyond the Limit . . . you should run over to Netflix now and download Season 1 and then Season 2. I
am hooked and waiting for Season 3, if there is going to be a Season 3. I sat knitting, glued to my laptop watching it. It is awesome!

I am plugging away on the shawl…I now have something like 800+ stitches on my knitting needles and start the drastic decreases to create a lacy edge in about 4 more rows.

Leslie is coming to town this afternoon so we are going to hang out for a bit . . . my apartment is a mess! Hope she doesn’t mind!

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Elijah for my Birthday

Beaded scarf knit by my mom

I had the most fabulous birthday weekend! I received some wonderful gifts via USPS, UPS, and Fed Ex Friday afternoon. My mom made me a beautiful scarf that was knit and beaded. Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to chat for a while with my sister through an IM.  And then on Saturday afternoon I packed up my knitting and headed over to the Lamb Shoppe to meet up with my “peps” and celebrate my birthday, Molli’s birthday, and Betty-Anne’s birthday.  Aside from the three of us there was an additional 12-15 other knitters there to celebrate our birthday.  It was wonderfully fun, and good food.  🙂

ElijahMy friend Anita, gave me the pattern Elijah and a bag of batting.   She knew I had been wanting to get this and now I have it!  I also received chocolate, cards, a gift card to Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  I also received a pair of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics red mittens.

I started Elijah Saturday evening while watching some TV.  But Sunday morning I ripped him completely out and started again with a different yarn that I have more of.  So he is green.  I am using the leftover yarn I have from the Leaf Pattern baby sweater.  I have finished the head and trunk and am now unto the neck.

Sunday, Alan came to Denver and scooped me up and took me to see “Up in the Air” and then we went to eat at Fogo de Chao.  This was an absolutely awesome restaurant.  Having to eaten gluten-free, they were so very accomodating.  Also they celebrated my birthday by giving me some wonderful papaya ice cream type of desert.  The salad bar was fabulous.  The grilled meat that they bring to your table was wonderful!  Everything is was sooooo good!  I will go back!!!  AND they gave me a gift certificate for a free dinner because it was my birthday.  So yes, I will go back!  😉

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