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Birthday Swap Package

Birthday Swap Package

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My birthday is tomorrow but look what I received today! In October, I joined a Birthday Swap for 2010. My swapping partner lives in Canada. She sent me:

  • hand drawn and colored coffee mug
  • Opal sock yarn for shawl knitting, for 10 in 2010
  • quinoa GF snacks
  • Canadian chocolate
  • handmade stitch markers of various sizes that she made
  • tape measure, point protectors
  • a neat little case to carry the stitch markers, etc, in
  • 2 shawl patterns for my choice to use the Opal yarn, for 10 in 2010
  • books to read from an author my swap partner likes

What a wonderfully fun package! I am so excited to start on one of the shawls. . . and to try the chocolate. ūüėČ

buttons too big

On another note . . . yesterday I finished the Leaf Pattern sweater for a Pine Ridge Reservation baby.  The buttons are too big so I need to get new buttons but other than that it is done and cute!

I am already working on another little sweater.¬† I am buying time working on these, trying them out so to speak, until I hear whether my new grandbaby-to-be is going to be a grandbaby girl or boy.¬† The pattern i am working on now though is very easy unisex made as is because it doesn’t cross over and button or anything.¬† (I just realized this!)¬† You could add a button but the picture has an i-cord tie.¬† Fran’s Hooded Baby Sweater¬† I am using up some leftover yarns from the Xmas stockings I did before Xmas this year.¬† This is a bulky yarn sweater so this is perfect.¬†

size comparison to a full size magazine

The Xmas stockings were a bulky yarn and the colors go well together.  And, most important, are machine washable but all have wool in them so will be warmer than just acrylic.

Ryan & Renee's Xmas stockings 2009


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a quick run through

Leisure Art #4577

Leisure Art #4577

I am knitting the sweetest little baby sweater imaginable.  But then again, I think all baby sweaters are sweet!  It is from the book I told you about last post.   I decided to cast on the Leaf Pattern Sweater (shown on the cover) yesterday morning while at coffee with Betty-Anne.  This is actually a fairly fast knit and very easy.  I am through the yoke and one row away from being done with sleeve #1.

I say a quick “run through” because I wanted to try the pattern out though before I knit one for my new grandbaby-to-be.¬† This particular sweater will be going to Pine Ridge Reservation for a little one there.¬† I think it is turning out quite adorably!¬† I will probably do the hat to match.¬† I am sure I have enough yarn to do it to match.¬†¬† I am knitting 3-6 month size.¬†

Leaf Pattern Sweater pic 1

ready to bind off sleeve #1

The pattern changes size by changing yarn and needle size not by changing stitch numbers.  I think I will be able to finish the sweater by tomorrow and get back to some shawl knitting.  (I needed a break in the middle of the shawl.) 

We are expecting some cold weather and snow maybe starting this evening.  It is sunny out right now.  Snow would be nice.


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trouble knitting

I have been ripping out projects left and right. I have a hard time when I want something to be absolutely perfect. I think I have finally got the right pattern paired up with the right yarn. I am no longer using the green sock yarn. I am using the yarn recycled from a Ralph Lauren sweater. It is a wool/cashmere/angora blend in a soft heathery light gray. It is wonderful to feel in my hands.

I enjoyed my afternoon at Lamb Shoppe knitting today.¬† It was the usual crowd plus at the “big” table was a class knitting the cutest teddy bears.¬† Maybe I should do a teddy bear for the upcoming grandbaby-to-be (due July 25, 2010).¬† I have a great pattern for one.¬† I will keep you posted on that.

I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday to pick up a few things and found the absolute cutest book of baby sweaters, hats, and blankets.  Only a couple of each but oh they are so cute!  So I left there with booklet, yarn, and buttons to do one for my Bundles of Joy group I belong to on Ravelry.  We knit for the Pine Ridge Reservation for newborns and a bit older.  I am going to knit one of these little sweaters for them.


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American Violet and knitting . . .

Leaf colorway

Leaf colorway of Pagewood Farm Yukon

Yesterday I spent several hours all over Lakewood running errands. Errands run, I had a chance to stop off¬†at one¬†of my favorite LYS, The Recycled Lamb.¬† I had not been in for a couple of months and Cheryl was so sweet to say they had been missing me.¬† I was thinking I was going to *crochet* a clapochet so picked up some yarn for that.¬† After trying it with some other yarn and determining I am not going to do this now I have this yarn sitting here.¬† The yarn went back and was exchanged for a wonderful skein of Pagewood Farm Yukon.¬† Yukon is 80% Merino Superwash/20% Bamboo/10% nylon sock/fingering weight with incredible drape and very nice stitch definition.¬† This is clue #1 of the super-secreet project I am working on . . . more clues to come.¬† ūüôā

Last night while trying to work on the SHOSHIE Mystery KAL, I watched “American Violet“.¬† I have never seen this before.¬† This was a very good movie.¬† The scary part is that the District Attorney ran again in the following election and won!


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Where’s clue #1?

gauge swatch for SHOSHIE Mystery Shawl

gauge swatch for SHOSHIE Mystery Shawl

So I signed up for a mystery shawl KAL, SHOSHIE, and clue #1 is supposed to be released today. I have swatched and purchased my beads. Now I sit and wait.  I am using a hand dyed alpaca sport weight.

I wore my Daybreak last night to Pajama Jam at Lamb Shoppe.¬† I had so many compliments on it!¬† That felt really good.¬† ūüôā¬† (I blocked it Thursday night and all day Friday.¬† I used the blocking wires from my good friend Sue’s etsy store.¬† They worked awesomely!)

Last night was Pajama Jam at Lamb Shoppe.¬† Instead of our typical Saturday afternoon knitting, on the 3rd Saturday of the month, we all show up around 5pm or so and knit until we can’t take it any more (usually midnight).¬† We bring food and laugh about life.¬† I made GF chocolate chip cookies.¬† I thought they were really good.¬† Others said they were “good for being GF”.¬† What the heck?¬† As if I would bring something that isn’t good?¬† Is everything that is GF supposed to taste like cardboard?¬† Granted, I have tasted some GF crackers that did taste like cardboard but I would not bring those and subject everybody else to that.¬†¬† Anyhow, they must have been good, I went home with an empty plate.

For those of you that don’t know, GF = Gluten Free.¬† In April 2009, I was diagnosed with severe Celiac Disease after an 8 day stint in the hospital when I had to eventually have my gallbladder removed.¬† While I was there an endoscopy was performed by a gastroenterologist who determined my villa was so damaged from Celiac that it may not be repairable.¬† It is also possible that this is what caused my gallbladder to quick functioning.

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease.  This is not an allergy.  Since I was diagnosed and told I had to change my eating style, I have been extremely regimented about eating gluten-free.  There are some really good resources on the internet.

About a month or so ago I purchased 2 rock cornish hens at the grocery store while they were on sale.  Friday eve I cooked both of them.  I had one for dinner with potatos, green beans, and gravy.  The other one I saved for today.  I am making soup out of it.  Basically a chicken noodle soup but with rock cornish hen.  It smells fabulous!


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Daybreak done . . .

Daybreak Shawl finished

Daybreak Shawl finished

. . . before dusk.  It is all ready to block.  I am hoping to borrow some blocking wires from Sue tomorrow eve and block on Thursday and Friday and wear it Saturday to Pajama Jam.  I liked this pattern.  I would do it again.  I know my friend, Tam has done it and is planning her #2 Daybreak already.  It is super easy, mindless most of the time with just enough yarn changing to keep your interest.  Stephen West, you did a fabulous job designing this!

Even though I should have had enough of the red yarn, I ran short on it so ended it a bit early.  Oh well.  I moved up to a size 11 knitting needle for the bind off and did a little bind-off trick I found here.  I *think* I got my bind-off loose enough.  I was really having a hard time and had to re-do the beginning of the bind-off 3 times to get it loose enough.

So now I sit debating whether I start another or finish Herbivore.¬† If I work on Herbivore this evening I actually can’t go any further until I wind the skein into a ball of yarn.¬† This is a good excuse isn’t it to just start something else?¬† I have this very yummy yarn that is crying to be a shawl.¬† It is 18 wpi and 925 yards.¬† It is 47% wool/46% angora/7% nylon.¬† In it’s previous life it¬†was a sweater by Ralph Lauren, size M.¬† 8)¬† At 18 wpi, I think this falls at the very edge of fingering¬†to lace weight.¬† So I think a guage will be more important for whatever pattern¬†I choose.¬†

For those that are on Facebook with me, you will be happy to know I have given up Mafia Wars.¬† It was consuming me.¬† I am almost done gifting out all my loot, boosts, and collections.¬† Wow!¬† I had accumulated tons of stuff….no wonder they want me to stay in their mafia families.¬† I am a good player!¬† lol

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Knitting and Bass Pro Shop

Today was Saturday. Lamb Shoppe knitting day. Worked on my Daybreak and spent time visiting with friends.

After Sue and I left the Lamb Shoppe, we headed to Bass Pro Shop. This is a HUGE Bass Pro Shop. I was not looking forward to going over there. I was worried about it being boring, crowded, and overall just not my cup of tea. We were headed there for “worm pages” for Sue’s circular knitting needle case from Brown Sheep Company.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been obsessing about some sort of organization for my DPN’s. It drives me crazy to have them in piles all over the place in there carboard packaging.

Finesse Binder Bag/DPN case

Finesse Binder Bag/DPN caseAs we are looking for the “worm pages” we came across¬†where we thought they should be and found the¬†Bass Pro Shops Finesse Binder Bags.¬† The 10″ x 8″ x 3″ was exactly what I have been looking for.¬† So, yes, I shopped at the Bass Pro Shop.¬†

¬†Camouflage lingerieOn our way to the fishing department we wandered through Women’s Apparel.¬† We saw some nice stuff.¬† And then there was the lingerie.¬† I am going on record to state that I will never wear a camouflage nighty.¬† It is not happening!

So this leads to my next thought.  I will not ever again date somebody that is more interested in hunting and fishing than spending time with me.  No, I do not want to get up at oh-dark-thirty to set up goose decoys in 20*F weather.  No, I do not want to get up at oh-dark-thirty to go scout out our hunting spot to sit and wait and wait and wait for the elk we are not going to see let alone shot at, again in 20*F.  And no, I do not want to put a worm on a hook in anticipation of catching some disgusting cat fish or, even better yet, a tiger muskie.  And hell no, I do not want to clean the fish YOU just caught.  You caught them, you clean them.

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