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I finially finished my Round #2 Sock Madness socks, Mad-tinis.


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Socks Socks Socks

Cable Twist SocksHere are some socks I have finished in the last two months.  This first pair is the Cable Twist Socks from knit in Europa (discontinued yarn) at 7 stitches per inch on size US #3 needles.

Wyvern Woman SocksThe red socks are my Wyvern Woman Socks.  I really enjoyed knitting these and would consider doing them again.   I used Colinette DK and US #2 needles.

Mad Cow SocksNext socks, the striped ones to the left, are my Mad Cow Socks for Sock Madness Round #1.  I made it past Round #1 but was “out – knitted” in Round #2 by Tam.  Her socks are looking nice.

Heel DoneHere are my socks in the works from Round #2, Mad-tini Socks.  this pattern was killer on my hands.  I will finish them and post the picture. 

 And this last pair, on the left, are the Honeycomb Sock pattern.  I picked up some Regia Bamboo/wool blend at a yarn shop in Wichita, KS and am using up the leftover Baby Ull from the Mad Cow socks.

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Up and Running

Well, here I am with my own blog.  It will be pretty basic at first I am sure, as I learn all the little tricks and tweaks.  I was using GeoCities to host my blog but I was very unhappy with the way that was going.  The software was not very good and I could not figure out how to post any buttons down the sides.  I would like to post a botton on ths side of this one so I am trying to figure that out.

Something else I want to figure out is how to have a little temperature on the left so you (the reader) knows what the weather is like here where I am at.

I used to publish webpages and sites for al iving but soooo much has changed on the internet and I am feeling very inadequate.

On another subject . . .  mainly knitting.  I turned the heel on my Honeycomb socks (pics to come) and am not happy with the fact that it is to many stitches around for my foot so I am ripping it out back to the heal and will do a double decrease to get it tightened up a bit.

Tomorrow starts Round #2 of Sock Madness and I am excited.  I will be using UltraMerino 04 from in color #130 (a neopolitan colorway) on size US #2 needles to get 7 stitches to the inch. 

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